Sell Your Los Angeles Area Home

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You have taken the first step, and are considering selling your home in Los Angeles. You have now come to the right place! Britta Diaz is the right choice in an agent to help guide you through the process of selling.

Email or call Britta to discuss your home, and she will hand-tailor the correct marketing plan for you!

“We highly recommend Britta, whose astounding industry knowledge, client advocacy, dedication and personal attention made us feel like royalty.”

– Jessica and Jonathan

What to consider before you sell:

  1. Do you have a place to go should your home sell quickly?
  2. Do you need to purchase a new home before you sell?
  3. Are you emotionally prepared to say goodbye to your current home and move forward in it’s sale?
  4. Are all ‘voting’ members of your family on board with the Sale?
  5. Do you have a time frame in which you must sell?
  6. Have you looked through a Seller’s Checklist to remind you of the essential items to keep in mind?

Source of listing with a local agent instead of selling it yourself:

  1. You will potentially get significantly MORE for your home 
  2. Your reach to potential Buyers is drastically LARGER, so the possibility of a good Buyer who will close is increased
  3. You don’t have to fumble through unfamiliar paperwork without a guide, potentially leaving yourself liable to lawsuits
  4. Through your Realtor, you will have access to trusted vendors including Title Companies, Home Warranty Companies, Inspectors, Escrow Officers, Locksmiths, Painters etc that are invaluable in making your sale go through
  5. There are many, many more reasons- ask me if you’d like to hear more!

What to do after deciding to sell:

  1. De-Clutter. Buyers generally cannot picture your home as their own if they see a lot of clutter or personal items. Try to make your home look as much like a blank canvas as possible.
  2. Get a Storage Unit if necessary to store what is not essential to keep in the house. If your Realtor recommends it, consider staging your home for maximum results!
  3. Spruce up the house as best you can. Mow the lawn, repair the doorframe, remove tape or nails from walls and Clean, Clean, Clean!
  4. Professional Photos are a MUST- we buy with our eyes, so presenting your home in it’s best possible light is crucial
  5. Always try to leave your house in good condition in case your agent encounters a Buyer on a tight time schedule who just might be the one to buy your house! Refer to this Open House Checklist from to make sure you do not forget anything.
  6. Allow your agent to hold Open Houses as often as you are able, and be prepared to leave for the duration of the Open House so they can present your home to Buyers in the best way possible. Let your agent know if you are open to him/her bringing in snacks or water bottles to make guests feel more “at home.”

Pricing and Golden Time:

When selling your home, it is important to start off with the correct price immediately. Britta will prepare an in-depth analysis of the homes recently sold, and for sale in your area and will help you make the right choice in pricing your home. Pricing right in the beginning is key, because when your home first hits the market, it garners the most attention. Britta will be working hard to market your home to the maximum number of Buyers possible and as such, you need to be ready! With a large number of Agents and Buyers being exposed to your home, the potential for excitement is great. With excitement comes demand (perceived or real) and then, often, come offers. Use this Golden Time (the first two weeks your home is on the market) wisely to turn excitement into results.