Relocate to the Greater Los Angeles Area for Work

Get local help from a certified relocation specialist to discover the best neighborhood and home for you. (424) 235-0577

Britta Diaz is a certified relocation specialist assisting clients as they relocate within Los Angeles County, as well as clients moving from out of town. As a local herself, Britta understands that Los Angeles is a vast collection of varied and unique neighborhoods, and diligently guides each client to find the neighborhood best suited to their needs and expectations.

“We did not feel like we just had a real estate agent, we felt like we had someone in our corner, with endless enthusiasm, who was negotiating on our behalf every step of the way.”

– Don and Helena

Discretion is guaranteed, as Britta intimately understands the need for privacy many of her clients require. Her clientele include movers and shakers in many of Los Angeles’ premier industries, to many of whom, confidentiality is paramount. Corporate relocation to Los Angeles calls for special attention.

A large portion of Britta’s clientele are international clients, relocating for jobs, acquiring additional properties for their portfolios, taking advantage of favourable exchange rates, or looking for vacation homes in great coastal investment areas. She understands and is able to accommodate clients from out of the country and has assembled a number of resources unique to their lifestyle.

Reliable relocation companies and HR departments call Britta to assist while they court potential new-hires. She is able to direct their clients to the perfect neighorhood, enabling them to integrate more easily and focus on their new positions in a timely fashion. Throughout the process, she keeps tabs on the tax implications of relocation and works diligently with your company’s relocation liason to ensure your move qualifies. If your company is relocating you to Los Angeles, call Britta so she can advocate for your needs during this transition.

Originally from the Midwest, Britta has relocated to several different cities herself, and recognizes the unique challenges associated with relocating to a city as large and diverse as Los Angeles. She carries intimate knowledge of each Westside neighborhood, a large network of vendors (movers, painters, plumbers, etc.), and has the patience and willingness to listen to the needs of each client. This has enabled her to continue a track record of successfully matching buyers with their dream homes in ideal neighborhoods, while simultaneously helping sellers choose the right buyer.

Additionally, Britta offers leasing assistance services for short-term, long-term, and executives to ease the transition of searching for a new home in Los Angeles County.